Fundraising for St Peter's Centre

Please donate to our Refurbishment Project

Over the last eight years, we have repointed and repaired the external stonework, repaired and re-routed gutters, waterproofed the kitchen (it is partly underground), installed new toilets, including a disabled toilet.

We are now onto the final phase, the full refurbishment of the upstairs. New flashing on the roof, completely stripping the walls back to bare plaster and then recovering with modern limestone plaster, a new ceiling and electrics. 

The different estimates for the upstairs room fall into the region of £90,000 - £100,000. We have raised a staggering £48,000, largely through grass roots events, through plenty of different creative activities of our friends at The Staithes Arts and Crafts Centre and donations from the Wordsmith Foundation, Coble Courier and the Staithes Arts and Heritage Festival.

Please help us with a donation - big or small. There is a donation box in the Arts and Crafts Centre or contact the Treasurer, John Hamlin on 07785 908630.

We will soon add a link to give money directly here.